Autumn Leaves

Hi all,

Does anyone know of an Autumn Leaves under construction or launched? I'm still obsessed with that beautiful design.



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RE: Autumn Leaves


Take a look at the Wooden Boat Forum:

There is a guy with the user name of Woxbox who is building a variant from a CLC kit.  Apparently there is a second under construction as well.


RE: Autumn Leaves

We've sold about 85 sets of plans and three kits for Autumn Leaves as of October 2018.

I have evidence of four of the boats actively under construction. Al S. and Dave D. were kind enough to let me post some construction photos on the Autumn Leaves page.

There's been enough interest that we've posted pricing and details for kits.

This one was assembled from a kit:

Autumn Leaves Canoe Yawl

This example was assembled from plans:

Autumn Leaves Canoe Yawl

Autumn Leaves Canoe Yawl

Autumn Leaves Canoe Yawl

RE: Autumn Leaves

Wow! Thanks Jeff and John. I'm one of those plans purchasers and I think she's a work of art. The dream still lives, especially since the kit is available. I still love my Peeler Skiff, but I'm a sucker for a pretty face that can sail.    

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