A larger Tenderly?

I just read the newest issue of Small Boats Monthly and saw this article. The boat looks like a scaled up Tenderly. What about it, John? Think there might be a market?

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RE: A larger Tenderly?

That's a beautiful boat and a great article.  Thanks for sharing.  I would be much more interested in a larger Tenderly (XL vs XP).  I love the Tenderly, but it's a lot of effort and weight for a 10' long boat with a payload of 425 pounds.

I think that looking at a boat that can fit within two sheets of plywood scarfed/puzzle jointed together can develop a very usable boat in a sweet spot where not only is it materials-efficient (which is a short-term objective), but also easily built and stored in a normal garage (both short & long-term).

I'm still waiting for the NanoShip 3.0, so I'm not quite as interested in waiting for a whole new design...

With that being said, I'm looking seriously at Vivier's Ilur & Beg Meil, mostly because I want to start developing some older-school boat building skills.  Although, the Swallow has a lot of what I'm looking for.

RE: A larger Tenderly?

I'd absolutely love to build something this size.

It's like the PMD & the Tenderly had a baby that outgrew them!

RE: A larger Tenderly?

   I'm hoping to see this show up as a kit soon. They had a couple being worked on on the shop-cam a few weeks ago so I'm hoping they will be in the catalog eventually.

RE: A larger Tenderly?

Thanks for bringing this up. No I don't need a bigger tenderly. I need the tenderly. Well, no I don't NEED the Tenderly. My Dog needs the Tenderly.    You see the wife went to the local charity event. She set up the Canoe club booth, bought some raffle tickets and entered the kayak race. It was a 1.5 mile race that turned out to be 2.6 miles. Low tech course and organizers.  She bought two tickets for her and two for the dog. 


 Which leads me to the Tenderrly. You see her tickets won some photo shoot. The dog's tickets won an outboard motor, a 4 stroke 2.3 hp.  Although we have many boats we don't have one for a 2.3hp motor. Which according to the catologe would work on the tenderly.  .........  The dog will be ordering his kit as soon as the shop is finished.

RE: A larger Tenderly?


That is one of the most inspiring exercises in logic I've seen in a while. My hat is off to you



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