Does. CLc still use blispay? If so how do I apply?

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RE: Financing

Evidently Blispay went on hiatus to restructure. We're investigating alternatives. It was a very convenient and successful program for us, and apparently for lots of others, too:

RE: Financing

When I ordered sail kit for my Waterlust project last fall I was thankful seeing the Blispay option during check-out, took advantage of it.

That expenditure’s been paid off.

A few weeks later, when confronted with some unanticipated vet bills, I used their generous terms to defray expenses beyond which what otherwise might have gone for a trailer... then next day got word of their restructuring.

Hopefully they’ll soon return to the credit marketplace. Being semi-retired with an excellent credit rating, not being subject to double-digit interest charges while budgeting for purchases is a welcome option. It’s all about cash flow after all.

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