Paint/Varnish inside of WD12?

I plan on a black hull - primer / paint and the top panel is painted water base red and I will leave the top side chine section natural (no color) with varnish coats on the entire upper section post glassing.  

Question is - should I paint, or varnish the interior?  I have installed the foot rests and am now at the point to join the top and bottom together.  Easier to paint, or varnish the interior now.  I have already clear expoxy painted the entire inside to be waterproof.   It will live mostly inside, so might not be a big UV risk. 

What have the rest of ya'll done?  

Help me decide.  



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RE: Paint/Varnish inside of WD12?

i have typically varnished.   but it was driven by the aesthetics and the need to protect the epoxy from UV rays (the sun) and not by any feature of varnish relative to paint.

i have typically not painted or varnished the interior beyond what needs sun protection or can be seen by walking around.   my reason for that is if i have to make a repair in the future, you have to ensure you remove all the varnish/paint in the repair area becuase you can't do an epoxy repair over paint or varnish.....and its a pain to work inside a hull to begin with so i want one less thing to worry about if i have to do that.


RE: Paint/Varnish inside of WD12?

I did not paint or varnish the inside of my WD12 at all. It lives in a garage when not in use and has a black cockpit cover on when being transported. On the water, the spray deck and I block out the sun. As a result, the UV has not been an issue. The boat is coming up on its 11th birthday.



RE: Paint/Varnish inside of WD12?

Laszlo, what will you do when you have a teenager? Raise the allowance, I hope, and closely supervise and dates you allow others to have with her.   

RE: Paint/Varnish inside of WD12?

   any dates

RE: Paint/Varnish inside of WD12?

Lock it up with the cockpit cover firmly attached til it's 21, then sell it to the highest bidder.


RE: Paint/Varnish inside of WD12?

   Laszlo's most recent post just made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reminded me of some things - getting way off topic:


A warship is called a she because there is always a great deal of bustle around her; there is usually a gang of men about; she has a waist and stays; she never deploys without her powder; it takes a lot of paint to keep her good-looking; it is not the initial expense that breaks you, it is the upkeep; she can be all decked out; it takes an experienced man to handle her correctly; and without a man at the helm, she is absolutely uncontrollable. She shows her topsides, hides her bottom and, when coming into port, always heads for the buoys.

------------- or a longer, rhymed version of the same thoughts ---------------

We always call a ship a ‘she’ and not with out a reason, 
For she displays a well shaped stern regardless of the season, 
She scorns the man whose heart is faint and does not give him pity, 
And like a girl she needs the paint to keep her looking pretty. 

For love she’ll brace the ocean vast, be she a tramp ship or liner, 
But if you fail to tie her fast you sure that you will lose her, 
Be firm with her and she’ll behave, when clouds are dark above you, 
And let her take the water wave, praise her and she’ll love you. 

For she will take the roughest seas, and angry waves that crowd her, 
And in a brand new coat of paint, no girl looks any prouder, 
The ship is like a girl at that, she’s feminine and swanky, 
You’ll find the one that’s broad and fat, is never mean and cranky. 

On ships and girls we pin our hopes, we fondle and love them, 
And every man must know his ropes or else he cannot handle them, 
Yes, ships are lady like indeed, for take them all together, 
The ones that show a lot of speed, can’t stand the roughest weather. 

That’s why we call a ship a ‘she’

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