Shearwater Sport bottom epoxy between coats

I have just finished trimming the cloth from the edge of the hull, and preparing for the second coat of epoxy to fill the weave of the cloth. I would like to know if I should feather the rough edges now, before applying the second coat of epoxy. I know the instructions say to wait until the epoxy is complete on the bottom, befor any sanding, but it looks as though more epoxy will only mean more sanding in the area where the cloth seams are. I have a lot of cloth strands that would be easy to feather now. I am concerned that this would only become worse if I add more epoxy, before fixing this.

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RE: Shearwater Sport bottom epoxy between coats

   I would absolutely do some clean-up, edge feathering prior to a second coat of epoxy wherever you have a overlap joint of the glass cloth.  It has been my common practice to do so. Of course try to damage/sand into the actual cloth weave in the area as little as possible, but smoothing things out a bit and getting rid of the random strings just allows the second and subsequent coats to go on much smoother and better.  I don't think it hurts that you inevitably will develop some minor small patches where you'll see some "white" develop from sanding into the wave ever so slightly, no mattter how carefull you are.  In most cases there are already 2 layers of cloth where this is happening and you are only touching the top layer anyway.  It all disappears again in the next coat of epoxy. That's one person's opinion - but my boats haven't fallen apart or broken, and the overlap joints do become nearly invisible after a few coats and sanding/final varnishing.

RE: Shearwater Sport bottom epoxy between coats

   Thank You. I went ahead and did some sanding, before applying the second coat, while I was waiting for someone to reply. You are right. This sanding did make the second and third coats go on easier. Using my orbital sander and lots of caution to avoid damaging the layers of cloth.


RE: Shearwater Sport bottom epoxy between coats


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