Peeler Skiff building question

Does anyone who has built a Peeler Skiff remember how far apart the distance should be for the saw horses under the main bottom panel. when starting the build. Thanks in advance.

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RE: Peeler Skiff building question

   If you place a saw horse near each end of the panel it will sag a bit making it much easier to stitch the bottom panel to the side panels. About a foot or so in from the stern and perhaps two feet in from the bow will give you the needed "rocker" to the bottom. I got hung up a bit on the Peeler being a flat bottomed boat and had three under mine at first. This resulted in some colorful language when I tried to join the panels until a few minute break in my thinking  chair showed me the way.

When using two horses it makes it easy to push the bottom panel up to the bottom of the side panels while stitching. It may seem like a small distinction but the rocker of the bottom is set by the side panels.

RE: Peeler Skiff building question

Ah, yes, do not neglect the "thinking chair."  Howard Chapelle called it "the moaning chair," a comfortable perch with a view of the work to which the frustrated boatwright (more of a boatwrong, in my case) might retreat, perhaps with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, to sort out any mental blocks as the work progresses.  I spent much time in my "moaning chair" during our Passagemaker kit build, reading and re-reading the manual with my hands well away from any tools until I got my head on straight.  Likely saved me many a misstep.

Remember to have fun!


RE: Peeler Skiff building question


First Time Boat Builder - Peeler Skiff

Hello, I recently purchased the plans for the Peeler Skiff which I am buiding for my son who lives in Nova Scotia and is an avid fisherman.  I will be buiding this from scratch given that the cost of purchasing the kit and shipping to Canada was way out of my budget - I live in Ontario in a small town on lake Huron.  I have advanced skills in woodworking and a well equipped workshop,but this is my first time attempting a boat build. 

I have purchased the plywood, Meranti, and am about to start cutting out the pieces.  I'm hoping to use this forum to tap into the experience of those who have gone before me.

My question for today (more to come I'm certain) is rather general.  Is there any advice that you can provide me on the building of the Peeler Skiff as I begin this journey?


RE: Peeler Skiff building question

 All in fun and can't resist the opening:

Advice - keep adding wood, fiberglass, epoxy, varnish and other bits and pieces until the hull is watertight. Remove and shape things here and there until it looks like a Peeler Skiff!  

In all seriousness, I haven't built a PS, but have done several other CLC boats.  With you already having experience and a good shop you'll do fine.  Do watch available videos, even the one for the kayak build covers almost all of what you need to know.  And if there is a step or skill concerning which you are unsure, it does help to slow down just enough to do a trial run with scraps.  Personally, I've always found getting a good job done on the glassing steps to be the most difficult for me...

but as soon as the Runabout kit goes on sale I'll have another opportunity to practice that skill !!! :)

RE: Peeler Skiff building question

   Just remember that fillets don't stick to varnish.  Anything with cured epoxy does not bend very well. 

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