Passagemaker: Wooden Mast - Topping Lift/Brailing Line

I finished my PM just weeks before heading down to the USVI for the season, so only have taken it out a handful of times.  I'm excited to be doing the Salish 100 this summer when we get back.  This means that I need to explore options on how to sleep aboard and row more efficiently.  I was thinking that a topping lift would allow the boom to act as a ridge pole for a boom tent and also pull the boom and mainsail up out of the way while rowing like a brailing line.

Thoughts on if this sounds reasonable and additional hardware to install on the mast (cheek block and cleat) would be appreciated.

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RE: Passagemaker: Wooden Mast - Topping Lift/Brailing Line

   Captain Skully, I'm planning on adding lazy jacks instead of a brailing line. Will perform the same function for hanging a boom tent, but added benifit is keeping the sail neat and tidy when dousing. Thats the plan anyway, haha! Still not sure on block and line arrangement for this, but pondering. Now I have a question for you! I bought the sail and spars from CLC for a passagemaker lugsail, using it on my Angus Sailing Rowcruiser. I presume I just glue the scarf joint using epoxy for the mast, then varnish. I don't need to fiberglass the mast for extra strength? Look forward to seeing you on the Salish! Eric.

RE: Passagemaker: Wooden Mast - Topping Lift/Brailing Line

Interesting.  I just installed lazy jacks on my Tartan 37.  Would be much easier on the PM.  I've even thought of removable boom gallows.  The block goes about 70% up the height of the sail.  With a lug rig that might be almost to the top of the mast.  

Anyway, if the scarf joint angle is already cut into the spar ends, you just need to wet the ends with unthickened epoxy, which soaks into the end grain, then butter it up with colloidal silica (Cabosil) thickened epoxy, then clamp up.  If the tapers aren't cut, it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 8:1 for the scarf.  Then clean off the squeeze-out.  Varnish or epoxy & varnish are both perfectly acceptable, depending on use and abuse.  No need for glassing.  

One question I have from the others is does the scarf joint need to be in a specific fore/aft or port/starboard orientation.  Regardless, a properly scarfed mast should flex very similar to a solid mast.  I went ahead and splurged for solid Sitka on my PM, but I wanted to go big instead of going home.

RE: Passagemaker: Wooden Mast - Topping Lift/Brailing Line

Cheers Captain, thanks for your insight!   

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