Mill creek 16.5 . Transom alteration

�So I'm part way through building a mill creek 16.5 in my 15 ' 10" shed. I had thought by manoeuvring it I might manage to get it out the doors but it is not going to work. I intend using it for sailing as well as paddling . My new and tentative plan is to install a new bulkhead about six inches from the stern , and then cut off the stern leaving a transom. That would shorten it sufficiently to allow me to get it out. I also thought it might be easier to mount a rudder . Are there any downsides to this ? The alternative is to do some structural work on the shed including building bigger doors which I would rather avoid ! Robert

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RE: Mill creek 16.5 . Transom alteration

I put a large window 4x6 in my mom's shed.  If not sheetrocked, it is easy to put in a header and framing before cutting the outside siding.  Also the window does not need to be that big.  Only big enough to get the kayak out.  And it does not need to open so just double or triple pane glass and can be tinted.

RE: Mill creek 16.5 . Transom alteration

Some other thoughts on the shed if not sheetrocked would be removing some siding and a stud or 2 to get boat out.  I have used an oscilating tool to cut nails holding studs then when reinstalling new studs toenail them with long screws.  


I will be installing a Smarttrack control system rudder on my Mill Creek 16.5.  It is easy about 2-3 hrs.  I assume V-shaped pintle and 6 screws.

RE: Mill creek 16.5 . Transom alteration


Standard rudder mount - not pintle, but a gudgeon

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