Wood Duck: Partial Tack-Welding?

Hi all,

I continue having a hard time with my Wood Duck Double (I know its me, not the boat...).

While the panels are now pleasingly aligned between the permanent front and aft bulkheads (called the center in the following), I still struggle with the bow and stern compartments. The deck is currently attached to the hull using tape, and I know I have to take it off again to correct the bow and stern alignments. But: I really want to save the progress made on the center part of the boat. So I consider tack-welding (applying limited amounts of thickened epoxy between the wire stitches to "conserve" the shape) the center part only. The aft compartment is approx. 3 feet long (bulkhead to stern), and the front 2 feet. When I mess around in these areas, it does not seem to have too much impact to the center alignment.

Now here’s the question for the experienced builders: would it be a regrettable decision to tack-weld the center deck and hull only (leaving both parts separated, of course)?

Best regards, Johannes

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RE: Wood Duck: Partial Tack-Welding?

I know less than nothing about the Wood Duck Double, but I do know that if you post a pic or two about what you're talking about, that will definitely help get you some answers to your dilemma.

With that being said, I am a huge proponent of tack welding during the building process.  I tack welded both my Eastport pram and Passagemaker and it was very beneficial in that stage of the construction process.  I tack welded both the interior parts and the exterior laps before going over them with the permanent "show" fillet.

RE: Wood Duck: Partial Tack-Welding?

The risk in tacking the hull before all the wiring is complete is that you can no longer make any adjustments unless you cut through the tacks. If you have to do that too many times, the wood will be damaged. The damage can be repaired, but that's extra work and may look too ugly to varnish.




RE: Wood Duck: Partial Tack-Welding?

Thank you, both!

I tack-welded the center section of the hull from the inside yesterday, and the cured result today told me it was the right decision, as the WDD appears to be generally sturdy now, but still flexible at the yet-to-be-alligned ends.


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