NEW! Downloadable PDF

After years of prototypes, we have perfected our PDF---"Personal Device (Flotation)." 

It's a PDF you can download, assemble, and wear! Now available in childrens' sizes, too.

Video Here

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RE: NEW! Downloadable PDF

Can I nominate a recipient?

Nicely done. I especially like the books on the side table in the video. Good attention to detail.



RE: NEW! Downloadable PDF


this being posted on April 1st...

I guess the skeptic in me would say I wouldn't expect one of these to pass a Coast Guard inspection, let alone trust my life to wearing one!

Besides, if it's not made from okoume and epoxy, it's just not gonna be durable enough for this crowd.

Still it's a nice addition to the 4/1 tradition I'm seeing established on several forums (forae?) I bother paying any attention to.

Maybe incorrect shape?


Maybe the incorrect approach was chosen above, and juuust possibly this woulda been more appropriate:


However, the developable surfaces are quite acrobatic!

RE: NEW! Downloadable PDF

HaH!  That would have been even funnier!

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