OkoumeFest Recap is up!

Here's the full report, complete with video and 155 photos.

Lots of photos and details there of the boats people brought.

BEST YOUTH BOATBUILDER: Ryler Manheim, Sabot Dinghy

2019 LASZLO AWARD: Dan Thaler (You had to be there.)

BEST STRIPPER (Ha ha): Kevin Shetrompf, Wee Lassie

3rd RUNNER-UP BEST SMALL CRAFT: Eric Vance, Northeaster Dory

2nd RUNNER-UP BEST SMALL CRAFT: Brian Forsyth, Oughtred Skerrie Skiff

1st RUNNER-UP BEST SMALL CRAFT: Joe Slusher, Canoe Yawl

BEST SMALL CRAFT: Eric DuPont, Chester Yawl

2nd RUNNER-UP PADDLING CRAFT: Howard Spira, Frej and Petrel kayaks

1st RUNNER-UP PADDLING CRAFT: Art Phelps, Rec Kayak

BEST PADDLING CRAFT: Dave Greenbaum, Solo Skin-on-Frame Canoe

BEST IN SHOW: Soren Jacobsen, Sassafras 16 Canoe

Huge thanks to EVERYBODY who came!

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