Galley lid warped

On the first trip with the teardrop galley lid warped in the middle aft edge allowing both rear edges to stick up about 1.5" to 2 ". The trip was thru west texas and northern New Mexico, temps in the middle to upper 90's

Any suggections on why and a fix.

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RE: Galley lid warped

I just ran into the exact same problem myself. It was my first extended trip and the first trip in the summer. The lid was exposed to high 80's and low 90's and hours of direct sunlight for the first time -and it warped up at the edges. It looks as if it's smiling. It also lets in water during rainstorms.

My read is that the lid structure is too thin to resist differential thermal expansion without any internal framing. The hasp holds the center in place, but the wraps at the edges overcome the resistance of the side strips and move up. The only way to stop this is to add some kind of latch at the corners to counteract the warping forces. I ran this theory by John Harris and he said that a few builders had sent him pictures showing corner latches but giving no reason.

That's the fix I'll be going with - an additional pair of latches to hold the corners down and apply pressure to the weatherstripping.

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RE: Galley lid warped

���Hmm, painted finish or clear? Here's where controlling that solar gain could pay dividends.

RE: Galley lid warped

OK, here's the promised fix. First, the warp before the fix. Note how the weatherstripping is wide open.

Polypropylene flat webbing attached with stainless steel flathead machine screw and flanged finish washer:

Side release buckle on end of webbing, the webbing held in place inside with a nylon locking nut, water-proofed with silicon rubber sealant compound:

Mating strap on bottom, showing the engaged buckle. Same method of attachment as detailed above for the top strap. The loose end allows tightening to compensate for long-term stretching of the webbing.

Both straps installed, buckled and tightened:

Warp at corner eliminated:

Attaching the bottom strap requires someone to hold the locking nut while tightening the machine screw. That’s fine if your arms are about 10 feet long, or if you have a helper. With normal-sized arms and no helper it can be a challenge. This neat tool takes care of the problem for you. Simply tighten the crescent wrench onto the nut such that the wrench stands vertically against the inside of the camper under the galley. The attached vise grip keeps the wrench from moving and the tool becomes your helper inside the camper keeping the nut from rotating while you tighten the screw.

The straps permanently solve the leak issue and add only a second or two to the process of opening and closing the lid. All the parts are available from CLC (follow the links). In my case, I had them on hand as left-overs from various kayak builds.

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RE: Galley lid warped

My fix was to add a aluminum strip on the inside of the lip. It runs the entire length of the lip,  I secured it with epoxy and screws, nuts with finish washers.

Solved the issue.

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