Trailer recommendation for pram?

�Hi everyone, Lurker and sometimes poster here - thank you for allof the wonderful advice and that I have received on this forum over the past couple of years. I have an eastport pram completed and ready to hit the water. However, I haven't figured out a way to get it to the water! I have a Mazda 3, and I am undecided as to whether I should get a roof rack or add a towing hitch to the car. If I add a towing hitch, I would like a trailer that could be used for more than just towing the boat, like if I had to pick up some supplies at home Depot or help a friend move. Does anyone have any recommendations for useful trailer? Has anyone used with success one of the utility trailers from home Depot or Lowe's?

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RE: Trailer recommendation for pram?

I bought a 4'x8' Harbor Freight trailer for general purpose usage.  It folds in the middle, so takes up very little room in a parking space.  It's got 1,000 pound capacity, so I can get some stuff done.  I made side walls for it for hauling, but take them off for the boat.  Over the years, I've built $200,000 worth of decks with this trailer and have taken my Eastport Pram and Passagemaker sailing dozens of times.  In my book, this trailer has paid for itself many times over.  Oh, I slapped on a 1/2" plywood deck and painted it black.  Don't forget the spare tire.  Get the largest wheel option.  Since the Eastport pram is so light, you don't have to back the trailer into the water, just park near the ramp and you can build a little dolly to move it to the water.  Super easy.

RE: Trailer recommendation for pram?

   Thank you Captain Skully!


This is exactly what I'm looking for!


RE: Trailer recommendation for pram?

I forgot to mention that since we tend to always take the boat camping, I just throw all the camping gear in the boat and cover it with a cargo net.  Saves a lot of room in the tow vehicle (and you can actually see out the back window).  I built a spar rack for the Passagemaker, which attaches at the oarlocks, so all the gear on the floor is locked in.  I threw in some DryDek panels for my knees and to protect the boat from the legs of the grill.

RE: Trailer recommendation for pram?

   Noted - I like the sound of that. Thanks again!



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