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This may be a bit of "scope creep" from where we started (start a new thread, if you think we should), but I'd like to hear more about that Wetlander you used on the bottom of your GIS.  For our PMD, I went with Behr porch paint, which has worked well, generally, and is easy to clean up and touch up.  However, it hasn't stood up as well as I'd hoped to all of the sliding around the bottom gets.

Anywway, I'd like to hear more (what it's like to apply, how much you used, etc), and maybe hear from anyone else here who's had some experience with Wetlander.


For increased abrasion resistance, I applied a silicon-based epoxy paint commonly used on airboats called Wetlander.  A friend had used it on several kayak builds and reported that the product is every bit as tough as the advertising claims.  I ordered the two-layer kit (primer + topcoat) in the ½ gallon size which cost a little over $250 with tax and shipping.  Yes, it is expensive!  In hind sight, the quart size would have been plenty.  It is easy to apply, and the result is amazingly hard and slippery.  Quite literally, I can pull the boat off the trailer with one hand. 

After one year, of use, I am still very happy with the paint.  I will admit that I have not beached the boat much so I have not really tested its durability.

Application is quite easy.  Much easier than any of the topside paint that I have used.  Once mixed, the pot life is only an hour so it goes quickly.  I followed their application instructions to the letter and it went well.  The resulting surface is a little "orange peely" on my boat but I suspect that is because I had extra paint and tried to get one more coat on as the paint started to kick.  Here are the installation instructions:  https://bottomcoatings.com/application/#2-Layer-Kit-Application-Guide



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RE: Wetlander

Very helpful, thanks, Mark.  I see is comes in colors, so I could do the bottom and lowest plank in white, leaving the rest of the topsides with the easy-to-touch-up white Behr we used, and it wouldn't look any different.  Something to think on....


RE: Wetlander

   I did a 3 layer kit on my SW Dory build.  Application was as easy or easier than painting.  I usually have the boat on a cart but I have to tie it down now or it slides right off.  I should be launching in 1-3 weeks will see how the abrasion resistance works then.

RE: Wetlander

Hmmm...yes...I hadn't thought about the possibility of excessive slipperiness that way.  I sometimes put my PMD on a cart, and already have trouble with her wanting to slip off, so much rocker does she have, especially forward.  Have to take the wheels off the cart to cut down the angle and to prevent the cart from being squeezed back toward the stern while the bow slides forward on the piece of indoor/outdoor carpet I use for that.  For a while there, I thought I was going to have to turn the boat upside down to strap the cart on that way, before I thought of the trick of removing the wheels.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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