Epoxy fumes suggestions

'After putting on the hull layers I got a bit worried about how strong the fumes from the epoxy cure are in my attached garage. I coulnd't really smell anything in the house but my 15 month olds room is above the garage. With the cold weather I can't leave the garage door open as the high never gets aboe 50 anymore and probably won't until March at least.  Are there any options to contain the fumes?  I was thinking about making a plastic tarp tent or something but I don't know how effective that is.  I don't think hepa filters trap these.


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RE: Epoxy fumes suggestions

   I'm also considering putting my wife/daugther in a hotel for a weekend and trying to sand/epoxy it all over two days.   

RE: Epoxy fumes suggestions


Wow, what brand of epoxy resin are you using? When I built my Peeler Skiff, I used MAS resin from CLC and it seemed pretty free of amine blush, outgassing, and odor. It was a very pleasant surprise, because the last time I had glassed a boat was in 1985 and the resin formulations were not nearly so pleasant to use. 

Are there any garage windows where you could run a low-power exhaust fan to keep a slight negative air pressure in the garage?



RE: Epoxy fumes suggestions




(Had a nice post going then accidentally hit the <back> button, lost it all....)

Concept is the same as for removing VOC's from the air we breathe when we're using carbon-filter-equipped respirators. For a workspace you need to isolate the volume of air that can be contaminated ("tent" it off) then pull the stinky air out with a device that captures the VOC's in the filter media. Keep in mind that make-up air from an uncontaminated source must be available to replace the stinky air being pulled out otherwise the tent will collapse.

For DIY types something like this might be wothwhile. Otherwise I have to wonder whether a simple box fan, suitably carbon-filter equipped and fitted into the tent wall wouldn't also work?

We know a lot more now about how wood dust affects our lungs than years ago, why we use respirators or other methods to keep dust from entering our lungs. Being born with but one pair of eyes and lungs ought to give one pause when working with (sometimes) noxious but useful stuff like epoxy too.

RE: Epoxy fumes suggestions

Even the modern epoxies, like MAS, Silvertip and WEST give off gas, albeit much less than their older predecessors. In regards to modern epoxies being free of odor, individuals have different sensitivities. They smell these gases at different levels ranging from nothing there to being able to tell the difference between brands and hardener speeds just from the smell. So it's always worth it to take precautions, especially with a baby in the house, even if there seems to be no smell.



RE: Epoxy fumes suggestions


   I built my skerry in a 1 car attached garage.  Epoxy was barely noticeable in the house for me using the Mas slow epoxy kit from CLC.  It was the painting and varnishing that was the issue. I was started to do the painting (Brightsides) before warm weather arrived and definitely smelled it in the house.  One suggestion might be to put an exhaust fan on the garage wall, or duct one.  It could be very discreet, on the side of the house.  Then put a flapper vent to the house interior set so it discharges into the garage.  A wall vent w/ integral flapper like this going out of the garage:

and a vent like this going into:

So you can get warm make-up air into the garage and get the fumes out by keeping negative pressure on the garage relative to the house.  Now, if your garage door is as ill fitting as mine, you might have to stuff some draft blockers under the door to keep the cold air from coming in.  Just a thought.

RE: Epoxy fumes suggestions

   It's the mas epoxy from the kit. Interesting ideas, will start thinking them through thanks all! 

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