Jimmy II, started today

�Well, I did the two sides sides today. Considering that wife n Mother n law have been out of state for 4 days now, (been single daddy with a 4 1/2 yr old boy and 3 yr old daughter) had a babysitter for 3 hrs this morning. BAM, project underway! First epoxy job ever, so I can't wait to see how much sanding will be required tomorrow. I'll have my wife back tomorrow so hopefully I'll get the bottom and transom sandwich set up so I can start stitching at night during the week. Felt good to be actually making something today

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RE: Jimmy II, started today

�So the first to epoxy jobs I would say meh, not so bad. The first joint was tits on top but I didn't scrape up the bottom side. That's gonna take a while to fix! The second I think came out as it should. I put the bottom together, and also the transom sandwich. Prepped the bulkheads and cut the wire stitches. Can't wait to work on stitching the sides

RE: Jimmy II, started today

���Stitched and tacked. Having done my share of caulking over the years made this much easier than anticipated. Got a little messy figuring out the mixing and application part but now I'm ready to de-stich and go for some clean jumbo fillets!

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