Rough Places Planed??

So I'm new to building spars, and using epoxy to glue up laminations. Ripped some 5/4 Sitka spruce to size for making up spar blanks for my Waterlust project.

Does consensus among you gurus lean towards planed surfaces for epoxy lamination or is it OK, maybe even preferable, to leave bandsawed surfaces alone?

Thickened epoxy's well-appreciated for its gap-filling character so with proper wet-out first with unthickened epoxy, maybe those rough surfaces would be both stronger as well as much less likely to resist slippage during glue-up & clamping?

Too, my plan suggests 1/2" thick members for needed blank dimensions & my ripped boards are 9/16" rough one-side so planing runs risk of taking them under 1/2" finished thickness.

I welcome input from more experienced builders on this.

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RE: Rough Places Planed??

I planed down to specified thickness (not necessarily for smoothness, but for hitting the number), then dimensioned on contractor table saw, routed out for hollow and sheave, then epoxied together with silica.

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