Kaholo bottom glassing

My Kaholo is now 3-d so I'm looking forward to getting the deck on it.  I was re-reading the manual and note that while the deck and sides are to be glassed, it actually doesn't say anything about glassing the bottom.  That will certainly save weight, and I'm all in on that, but have any Kaholo builders decided to glass the bottom for abrasion resistance and have any conclusions good/bad on it?  I have a skerry and canoe, both of which have standard glassed bottom strakes.  

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RE: Kaholo bottom glassing

   Yes, you definitely glass the bottom and sides. The hull gets fiberglassed first. When the deck is attached the cloth will overlap the hull cloth an inch or two and you'll feather the edge in with a scraper or sandpaper bebore doing the fill coats.

George K

RE: Kaholo bottom glassing

���Another read of the manual gets it clearer. I'm reading ahead since I'm just at the tack welding stage now. A closer read shows classing the hull bottom and side first. I missed the line about turning it upside down so was thinking deck and sides not bottom and sides. The passage about classing the deck is part of the discussion about applying decorative fabrics to the deck. BTW, I'm trying to get an graphic file of my wife's college mascot to have printed by a surfboard graphics company. Turns out there are several and the prices aren't bad. Better than me trying a homemade kluge. For any West Texans, it's the Rambelle logo from Angelo State. The deck and hull are already stained yellow and blue. I hope this will work.

RE: Kaholo bottom glassing

   Gah, I hate posting w/ the phone....autocorrect from heck.  Anyway, "glassing"...

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