Kaholo deck challenge


So far, I think I've identified the "crux move" on the Kaholo build.  It's installing the deck.  I went over all the frame/sheer clamp tops w/ a good aluminum straight edge, trying to get them all flat.  Dry fit the deck a couple of times.  When it came time to butter it up and install it, I just didn't have enough clamps and weights to get the deck to lie flat and give me a bit of squeeze out all the way around.  I had to take it off the cradles and shim the hull up directly on the sawhorses (to be accurate, the cradles started cracking as I added more weight and almost had a crash).  Mostly I think it's warp in the deck, not flatness of frames, But, I gave up, removed the deck and scraped as much goo off as I could.  Now waiting for the remainder to cure so I can sand and try again.  BTW, it was just as well...I'd left a glue brush sitting in the hull.  Sort of like leaving the forceps in the patient.  

That's what the moaning chair is for.  I do want to think about how I could clamp the edges.  Has anybody got ideas?  That many bar clamps is not cheap.  It would be ugly (would have to definitely paint the deck) but I guess I could use smallest drywall screws into the sheer clamp and back them out later (with the risk of snapping them)

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RE: Kaholo deck challenge

   A roll of stretch wrap will work to clamp the deck down. The big box stores carry it as well as Uhaul and other packing/moving suppliers. It's a staple in my shop. 

George K


RE: Kaholo deck challenge

���Good thought. I was using packing tape on the bow but it was awkward.

RE: Kaholo deck challenge

Find some cheapish 1" ratchet tie-down straps maybe? Stick thinnish stringers to deck top w/ doubleface tape to add some stiffness & resistance to damage to plywood edge, then loop 'em around hull every 8-10" w/ clamps in between?

Strictly armchair QB'ing, no concept of what shapes you're confronted by.

Shrinkwrap'd be useful once edges are drawn to fit, may significantly reduce #'s of straps needed for successful operation. May be Very Helpful having another pair of hands to relay 'wrap roll back to you?! 

RE: Kaholo deck challenge

First, good move stopping before it was too late. That's an easy move to describe, but incredibly hard to do. Well done.

Next, if you think that the brush was bad, just imagine if no one had seen the cat in a while.

Third, ratchet straps work best with a cambered deck and flat sheer. With a flat deck they tend to introduce camber as well as making the sheer wavy. This is because they are so thin and strong. They concentrate the ratchet's force in a small area creating the longitudinal waves and the overhang acts as a lever to bend the deck laterally inducing the camber. Stringers would help with the sheer waves, but you'd still get the induced camber.

Shrink wrap, with its much larger surface area, avoids the waves. The induced camber can be avoided by careful application such that the wrap stretches before it pulls the deck down. The result is enough force to squeeze out epoxy putty but not enough to bend the deck.

If you decide to go with the drywall screws, pressing them against a bar of soap before screwing them in will keep them from breaking on the way out. The holes can be enlarged to 1/4" or so, plugged with pieces of dowels and then those can be trimmed and sanded for a very traditional trunnel look - no paint needed.

Have fun,



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