Tenderly Complete Sail Rig

Anyone with a Tenderly without its sailing components may be interested in my completed rig - - which includes sail (Egyptian cream) with attached boom and yard, kick-up rudder with tiller (and tiller extension), daggerboard, mast, hardware, and rigging line - - all ready to go.  Unfortunately, I must now limit my sailing to rowing, with fond memories of what I used to be able to do.

I'm not asking for a lot more than the CLC's sail component kit price, and everything is an excellent, mostly new condition.  So it's a great deal for someone who can use it.  If the buyer lives anywhere in or near New England, I can probably arrange to bring it to you for gas money - - or you can pick it up yourself.  Much outside of New England, I'll have to add on shipping costs, whatever they turn out to be.

I'll be happy to send photos upon your inquiry to [email protected]






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RE: Tenderly Complete Sail Rig

Sorry - - I thought I was was posting this note to Classified.  Can't find a way to delete it from the Builder's Forum, so please excuse my mistake.   

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