Kaholo bow seams

So, I have the deck on the Kaholo now, but when I flipped it over to work on sanding down the edge, I realized that the bottom and side panel edges, especially near the bow, had some gap.  Where the edges met square and one overlaps the other I got them pretty tightly lined up, but where there's more acute angles to their meeting, I had some minor gaps because the corners were touching, and without bevels that meant a gap.  No daylight showing, but enough space that I worried about getting a good glassing job.  

At the bow, there's a bit of concavity where the bottoms and sides have twist in them, and there was enough mismatch between sides I was concerned about symmetry and decided to do some fairing, I made up a batch of fillet material and filled in the areas.  Even with going over it wet with a squeegee, I still have more sanding than I expected, and those little concave areas are a pain. I'm paranoid with this thin ply that I'll sand through if I don't fair it up then sand down.  It's all glued up now, so no going back, but is this considered a tricky bit in the Kaholo build by others?  It's a good thing I'd already decided I was painting this one!

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RE: Kaholo bow seams

Make sure you have good fillets inside.  Round the outer edge. Fill the gaps with wood floor and epoxy. You wont have a perfect looking edge, but make it nice and round.  It just gives your board character.

RE: Kaholo bow seams

With epoxy resin, you can give it a slightly different shape or use paint. I understand your pain, some little things can be very annoying.   

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