EZPoxy vs Brightsides

I've used Brightsides on my previous builds.  I take the CLC advice on it for dry sailed hulls. Is the EZ-Poxy equally applicable for hulls (SUP in this case)?  I like the Electric Sapphire color in the EZ-Poxy line.  It's the right shade and looks to be a touch brighter than the Brightsides Largo Blue.  I'm trying to match my wife's college colors for her board without getting too elaborate with custom tints.

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RE: EZPoxy vs Brightsides

I've used both for a couple boats. I like EasyPoxy's color range a little better, but I slightly more prefer the way Brightside applies. It's a small difference though, like a few percentage points. Choose the color you like, and don't worry about which brand. They're both fine. I've seen no difference in durability between the two.

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