Kaholo bow glassing

OK, glassing the hull of my Kaholo 14.  The bow is finer than my skerry was, and I'm not surprised to have trouble draping the fabric.  I resorted to a razor to slit the glass so I could get it to lie flat and wet out without bubbles at the center.  Do others add a glass tape over the stem to get good glass coverage without any bubbles?  I'm trying to keep it light but it seems this is one spot a 2nd layer might be good.  Particularly paddling it around New England...rocks.

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RE: Kaholo bow glassing

At the very least I'd add a bias-cut strip to make sure that the seam is tight. Note that 4 oz glass, properly wet out, weighs about 8 ounces per square yard, so a single 4-inch wide strip shouldn't break your weight budget. It's also neutrally buoyant, so your displacement won't change.



RE: Kaholo bow glassing

   Yep, that's pretty much where I'm heading.  I'm going to trim the excess glass, sand the stem down and put a tape over it tomorrow.  Maybe use some packing tape to hold it down tight.  

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