Okoumefest 2009

A few bullets from Saturday:

* WOW – my wife already has plans for us to go next year, especially if at Matapeake.

* Superb craftsmanship from home builders, even from inches away.  And Nick Schade’s craft would take your breath away.

* These same builders would explain how they built their boats, the mistakes they made, and how they corrected them.  Very approachable, knowledgeable and patient.

* PocketShip and the other sailboats were busy all day.

* Lots of entertainment.  John’s fiancée rolling her mother into the drink (they were both laughing and were paddling double in a Mill Creek a few moments later) and the many attempts to ride the Kaholo in rough water (a few came back wet, but their smiles suggested they had had fun).

* You would expect the CLC staff to be cordial (and they definitely were) but the attendees were also friendly and helpful.


Imagine 100 yards of small boats, and you could try almost all of them in a perfect spot.  A wonderful effort by CLC.  I sincerely hope Okoumefest 2009 was successful for them because it was most certainly enjoyable for us.  (And yes, we have some new CLC kits to build.)

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RE: Okoumefest 2009


Thanks everyone!  Best OkoumeFest yet. 

We've put some pictures up.  We'll add more photos when we can.

OkoumeFest Wrap-Up

RE: Okoumefest 2009

John & Crew,

We had a great time at Okoumefest. Here is a link to some pictures:

Okoumefest Pictures

RE: Okoumefest 2009


We've updated the OkoumeFest wrap-up page with more (and better) photos, thanks to contributions from Ross Leidy and Jon Valentine.

OkoumeFest 2009

Photo by Ross LIGHT-ee

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