New Varnish Trick

The most recent issue of Small Craft Advisor has a one page article by a furniture maker who advocates the use of regular brown paper bags to smooth/sand varnish after the final coat.  He claims that it will remove all of those little dust bumps without dulling the shine.  I tried it on the Yukon (Epifanes Rapidclear Semi-Gloss) and sure enough, it works very well.  Cut up the bag and fold it into small pieces and use to hand sand just like you would with sandpaper.  

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RE: New Varnish Trick

HA! Excellent tip! Thanks!

Here's another for those of you who bake cookies - before I 'discovered' parchment paper a couple, three years ago I'd bake cookies on brown paper cut from grocery bags to line cookie sheets. Works great, you save a lot of time not having to clean the cookie sheets & the paper absorbs a bit of the melted shortening (usually margarine but sometimes 50/50 margarine / butter for my Tollhouse cookies!) as you run each batch through the oven.

RE: New Varnish Trick


I'll definitely give that a try, thanks. I've actually noticed that coarse paper fibers were abrasive on paint and varnish, it just never occurred to me to use it as a feature.



RE: New Varnish Trick

   Interesting........I just brought paper bags home from the grocery store instead of plastic. And I have a boat outside with a lot of fresh varnish on it. 

RE: New Varnish Trick

Waded up newspapers works well also.    

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