Big brother is watching

Sailing has been deemed Recreation, only exercise was allowed until recently. So, like many of you I’ve been rowing. A lot. Went to g-maps to measure the lake to calculate my speed and saw a funny speck at the left end of the lake…

Zoomed way in…

Geez, take you tin foil hat off for one minute, just one minute, and they find you!



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RE: Big brother is watching

Well, at least they didn't follow up with a drone strike.


RE: Big brother is watching

He's been watching for years. Here's a couple of other CLC boats spotted from the sky:

Hvit Skygge, otherwise known as Faering Cruiser #1; and

Madness Proa #1.

We ought have a CLC boat spotting on Google Maps contest.

It's cool, Eric, that yours was spotted actually in use.



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