Kaholo 14 home stretch

OK, I have faired in and sanded my worst 'glassing messes and am up to the fin installation, looking at all the blue tape and hoping I really did get them straight.  While I'm waiting for the epoxy to set, I'm looking ahead to finishing.  I'm going to put an inspection port with ditty bag in the foredeck.  The manual has that kind of work being done after the finish is on.  Given my less than expert history cutting holes w/ my Dremel or jigsaw, I'm thinking I cut the hole and dry mount the inspection port before I prime and paint, to give a bit better chance to fix boo-boos.  I can't think of any reason NOT to do it before painting, since it'll just be the hole with no hardware in it.  Thoughts?

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RE: Kaholo 14 home stretch

You will want to do a good job masking that hole while you prime and paint so you don't wind up with drips & blobs down inside your SUP.

Other than that I see no reason not to cut now. Any damage you do is more easily repairable before you paint. ;-)

RE: Kaholo 14 home stretch

   OK, so I cut the hole for the inspection plate.  I hate cutting holes in boats... :-) 

The manual recommends centering the port 39 1/4" from the bow, which is what I set up.  Due to my paranoia, I drilled and made a small 2" exploratory cut w/ jigsaw before committing to the whole thing.  It actually intersected with the forward, free end of the center longitudinal.  Considering I have a 6" port, not the 4" that the manual mentioned, it was obvious that I'd cut a fair bit off that longitudinal, which I was nervous about.  So, I recentered the cut about 2" forward.  I still cut a bit of it off, but much less.  I've had other discrepancies between manual and reality before, but have others hit that same issue when they were installing a port?

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