Mast size for lug rig for NE Dory

I've got a newly aquired NE Dory and would like to know what should be the diameter of the mast for the lug rig. Does anyone know? It may be the same as on the Skerry.

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RE: Mast size for lug rig for NE Dory

The mast for my NED is being made out of 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" timber 133" long. You may want to purchase the manuel for the dory it will have the instructions on how to make it and the spars.


RE: Mast size for lug rig for NE Dory

No need to buy the manual, CLC gives away balanced lug rig instructions free as a PDF appendix to the manual, mast dimensions on page 165. The appendix includes dimensions and instructions for the spars and mast partner, as well as instructions on how to rig your boat. The link is mentioned on CLC's NE Dory page, so it truly is meant to be free and not just some pirated document. 178 pages of free, high quality documentation - what a company!

Appendix 2: A Balanced Lug Rig for the Northeaster Dory

Also available is John's Blog post Lug Nuts which has a brief and entertaining history of CLC and the lug rig.






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