Southwester Mainsail Rigging

I have a Southwester dory mainsail (lugsail) which fits my boat perfectly. What I'm trying to figure out are the exact points to attach the halyard and downhaul. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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RE: Southwester Mainsail Rigging

I'm going to give you an exact number as requested. Attach the uphaul near the lluff at a point exactly 30.25% along the total length of the head of the sail. Attach the downhaul near the luff at a point exactly 14.25% along the total length of the foot of the sail.

Now, ignore the exactness -- though it comes directly from the insructions from my Northeaster Dory. That boat has yards that are 100 inches in length. The attachment at the head is specificed as 30 1/4" and the foot at 14 1/4". I think the speciticity (to within 1/4") must be one of John's jokes.

I'm assuming, of course, that the Southwester's mainsail has the same shape as the Northeaster's.

RE: Southwester Mainsail Rigging

 You did not explicitly say what your boat is.  If it is a Southwester Dory, then I would direct your questions to John Harris.  If you are using the SWD main on some other boat, I would take a look here:

Michael Storer is a prolific designer who is arguably one of the experts regarding balanced lug setup/performance.  The info on his page is tailered for his boats but works with any balanced lug.  

RE: Southwester Mainsail Rigging

At least to start, whatever dimensions you go with, you might want to use lashed on loops of smallish line for attachment points for the halyard to the upper yard and the downhaul and sheet to the lower.  Some experimentation will likey show that some adjustment is warranted.  We liked the idea so well on our PMD lug that we never did drill holes, screw on padeyes, or install any other permanent hardware on the yards.  For the downhaul, we seized a smooth stainless steel thimble into the loop to make a two-part purchase.  The halyard attaches to its little loop with a slipped sheet bend, the sheet by means of a snap hook.


RE: Southwester Mainsail Rigging

Thnx for that link Mark_N! Good, useful stuff on rigging a lug sail.

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