Silicone sealant

I am getting close to installing my finished Tenderly floorboards. The manual recommends adding silicone sealant to each screw. (Sorry, this may seem to be obvious but I can see myself getting into a real mess here) About how much do you use? A 1/16th of an inch bead down the length of the threads, perhaps? Also, what does one use to clean up residual sealant and smears? There is no indication on the tube (or perhaps it is in type so small I can't see it!) 

Thanks so much for any advice offered. So close now I can almost taste it so am forcing myself to slow down and pay close attention to detail. 


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3M Marine Silicone sealant

 I sometimes do it a few different ways depending on hardness of wood.  I may first predrill a smaller diameter hole and screw in the fastener.  Remove fastener put a little 3M Marine silicon in hole, screw in fastener, remove excess silicon.

Dip screw in neck of 3M Marine silicon tube.  Screw in.  Remove excess with finger.  Wipe off finger with paper towel or newspaper or wipe finger on cardboard box.

Squeeze 3M Marine silicon on screw, screw in, remove excess.


I never get the same amount.  Just as long as when I screw in fastener excess 3M Marine silicon squeezes out hole around head of screw.


RE: Silicone sealant

   Any painting or varnishing, I do first before using silicon.


A cloth or towel can be used to wipe excess silicon if do not want to use finger.

RE: Silicone sealant

   Thanks, I guess you have to use a little excess to ensure the holes are thoroughly filled. The holes are predrilled already but quite small for filling. I am a little concerned about any future varnish applications not sticking where there is residue so I will maybe practice on a scrap of wood first. I like the idea of using cardboard for wiping my gloved fingers; I have gotten as much use out of my cardboard shipping boxes as any other tool. Except maybe the sander. 


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