Skerry rudder hole

So I need to shape the rudder next, however there's a 3/4 wide hole at the edge the instructions make no mention of that I can find.  The pictures don't show it either. I find the rudder assembly pages to be quite lacking in details for someone who is never assembled a rudder.  Should the leading edge shaping stop at the hole? I assume it's for rope to kick up the rudder. Also it doesn't seem very safe to have that get wet, should I fill it with thickened epoxy and drill a smaller hole into that ? Anyone have any pics from when they did this ? 

Thanks all!

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RE: Skerry rudder hole


   If you have the manual handy, look forward to the next section from the daggerboard and rudder to the one on rigging, where there's a pretty good picture of how the hole and haul down line work together. Actually, the line is to haul down the rudder, and it's specified as a 1/4" dia. hole from the edge and a1/2" hole through the blade. 

Two things:  I didn't like rigging the rudder downhaul cleat on the back of the rudder head, so I used a fairlead to route the line up and over the rudder arm and cleat it there, for easier access.  Second, you pull the line to swivel the blade down and hold it.  I pulled too hard once and the knot in the hole wedged and caused a breakout of some of the plywood.  So, my repair was to epoxy it all back in place, then I used a little bit of glass and reinforced the area around the hole.

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