App for tracking rowing?

What app on your phone would you recommend to keep track of where you have rowed and at what pace?


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RE: App for tracking rowing?

I don't think I would...but I row for enjoyment, not for a programmed workout.  GPS is right up there with the bathroom scale and the dressing table mirror in terrms of devices which make no concession to human vanity.  <;-)


P.S. Yes, I do carry a hiker's GPS and I generally keep the "odometer" page running in case I need it as a sort of log to help with navigation at some point.  Mostly, though, I know where I'm going and don't really refer to it much.

RE: App for tracking rowing?

A friend of mine uses Strava for cycling. I'll be looking at it too, once I get my Waterlust launched, then a pair ot oars made & fitted to it, so that'd be my first choice.

How you acquire data will affect how useful whatever your eventual choice of app may be. Simple GPS tracks location but nothing about calories used, blood oxygen levels or heart rates so consider your options there too. I know Garmin's got quite a range of products that will do all that so perhaps look there?

RE: App for tracking rowing?

   I use a Garmin Fénix 5x watch during all my activities (rowing, running, stand up paddling, etc). For rowing it tracks pace, stroke rate, distance per stroke and much more. It's pretty awesome. I have it connected to Strava too, but prefer Garmin's data at the end. My watch was pretty spendy when new- I think any of their fitness watches will track rowing just as good- but they might not have heart rate (mine does). 

RE: App for tracking rowing?

   Looks like I can share a recent row by making it public. Check it out here to see an example of what data it collects:

RE: App for tracking rowing?

While I do not track my rowing/sailing, I have at times, however used my iPhone GPS on a large lake when I was disoriented and trying to finda friends's house where I wanted to dock.

On a different note, said friend does dragon boat races, and competes in crewing. He also likes to sail and paddle in a strip canoe with the family. He uses the "Watersports Tracker" app:

I have not tried it and cannot vouch for it ;-)


RE: App for tracking rowing?

I use gaia GPS on iphone because it can put a NOAA chart as the backround ( ). It will record lots of relevant information you might want, and it will export the track as a csv. When I am in my NE dory, its also helpful to mark where I put crab pots and how deep they are. 

RE: App for tracking rowing?

I use the MapMyRide app. I'd got it for biking but it has categories for most activities. You can subscribe for more advanced freatues but I'm happy with map route, distance, duration and splits that you get with the free version.

RE: App for tracking rowing?

   I use Endomondo. Not sport-specific, but works OK for me.

RE: App for tracking rowing?

   I like the  C-Map app on my Droid cellphone. There's a free version that gives you the basics, or you can subscribe for more features. I've used  the Navionics app as well, but find the C-Map screen view easier to read and the interface less fussy for created tracks and getting distance traveled and average speed.



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