Kaholo 12.5 Hybrid Complete

Yesterday, after about 105 man-hours labor spread over 4.5 months I completed a Kaholo 12.5 Hybrid for my bride.  The build took a bit longer because the customer wanted the strips to conform with the shape of the board vice running straight fore/aft.  The standard Kaholo hybrid build technique is to strip the deck on a flat table with the strips running straight, then cutting to fit on the hull.  To get the shape that she wanted, I had to strip the deck on the hull  much like a strip kayak.  The later technique is more time consuming because it requires each strip to be beveled on each end.

The other variation is that I omitted the standard fins and installed the optional fin box.  This makes it quick and easy to swap fins to match the conditions and skill level of the paddler.  My bride is a beginner so she is starting with a BIG fin for better stability.  We have a short flexable fin which will be good for shallow waters.

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RE: Kaholo 12.5 Hybrid Complete

looks really nice mark.   

as always, thanks for your generous sharing of tips and tricks to get a great outcome.


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