Karo Syrup and Resin

As I pour the Karo Syrup in the bowl to make my annual signature (1 secret ingredient) pecan pies I realize how similar the syrup is to resin. Now I'm stiring and I think...did I set the timer?  Need I say more!   Happy Thanksgiving Everyone  




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RE: Karo Syrup and Resin

There *is* a striking similarity.

Did you weigh the syrup, use the pump, or measure it?  What ratio of hardener are you using? Do your pies get the "thumbnail test"? :)

Gobble gobble!

RE: Karo Syrup and Resin

There's a lot of similarity between cooking and this hobby. Spreading epoxy/phenolic microballoon fairing mix is like frosting a cake. Mixing graphite/epoxy is like making cocoa - pour the powder into the liquid and you get a dusty lumpy mess, do it the other way and you get a smooth paste. Temperature control is vital for custards and epoxy. Folding instead of stirring controls bubbles in varnish, batter and mousse.

It's to the point where sometimes I'm tempted to say that I cooked up a boat intead of built it.

Off to stitch a turkey,


RE: Karo Syrup and Resin

I actually used a piping bag to put in filler when attaching deck to hull..:-)


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