Annapolis Wherry vs Chester Yawl


    I am trying to decide which would be best for me. I would be using in either the Florida Keys or Intercoastal waterways in South Florida. 

   The Wheery appears to be a sleeker craft but am concerned with the low freeboard when the wind & waves kick up the potential for swamping is greater.

  The Chester Yawl appears to be able to handle the slop better and may be a better all around 

Any advice would be appreciated




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RE: Annapolis Wherry vs Chester Yawl

I should think the Annapolis Wherry would be a better fit if you are mostly out for the exercise--he Expedition version for exercise in less placid water.  The Chester Yawl would be a better fit for less intense exercise in a broader variety of sea states, with the ability to carry enough gear and comestibles to take you camp cruising far enough away that they'll need helicopters to find you and drag you back to work.

I'm theorizing here, of course, and it might also show that I have long lusted after a Chester Yawl for just that sort of camp cruising, maybe with a fitted tent to do that off in the marshes where there isn't much for good sites on which to pitch a tent.

Just my .0000008821739 cents....


RE: Annapolis Wherry vs Chester Yawl

   I too was wondering the difference between the chester and the annapolis.


I'm not a small guy, currently i have a plastic fishing kayak, but would rather be on wood..  I also have an indoor rower, the concept2 and i would like to build a boat with a rowing station inserted. I think you get a better workout rowing than paddling.  But I also want to fish, if i'm on the water may as well drop a line..


What does the general crowd think of the two designs???. i'm leaning towards the Annapolis as it probably has as much freeboard as the kayak i currently have.  ( ps Kayak is a ascend 128).  But if it's too tippy then the yawl may be better.

Thanks for any responses...Cheers...Oor Wullie



RE: Annapolis Wherry vs Chester Yawl

If you might be on the water when the wind and waves kick up, I think you should go with the Expedition Wherry. The sleek, low-to-the-water design means your boat won't weathervane as much in the wind. Yes, the 36" width makes it a bit easier to capsize, but those water-tight storage areas mean that you could easily get going again as long as your essential gear (the oars and yourself) are properly secured to the boat. No rowboat is any fun in big waves (unless you are intentionally surfing) so it's the skipper's job to have a sharp eye on the forecast and any changes in the weather.  

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