Gluing sheer clamps on Mill Creek 16.5

I have just glued and clamped the sheer clamp stock to length for the Mill Creek 16.5 kit I am building and cannot for the life of me find the correct offset for gluing the clamps to  the sheer panels. Anyone know offhand where I can find this number? It has been 15 years since I built a stitch and glue boat (2005 Sport Tandem, before that a Chesapeake in 1999) and vaguely recall seeing a cross section view of the clamp glued to the panel - seems like the edge of the clamp should be about 1/4" - 3/8" proud of the panel edge but I cannot find this info on the plans or in the book. Both the plans and the book are in serious need of up dating by the way - both still show scarf joints for the plywood parts but of course the kit came with puzzle joints - not a big deal but might be confusing for a first time builder. If someone can send me this info I'll be thankful - I would like to glue the clamps to the panels tomorrow but need to be sure they're in the right palce.



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RE: Gluing sheer clamps on Mill Creek 16.5

   For the Chesapeake it is 1/4"   Not sure if it is the same for all kayaks.  

RE: Gluing sheer clamps on Mill Creek 16.5

   Thanks Time - I just finished gluing up the sheer clamps with a 1/4" offset - it seems right - and I'm building a kayak, not working as a tool and die maker, so it should be plenty close enough -  there's always "peanut butter" to hide imperfections - 

RE: Gluing sheer clamps on Mill Creek 16


   I'm about to glue my sheer clamps on my 13.  I too see nothing about any offset (for lack of a better expression 'waste allowance').  I'm under the impression that you glue the sheer clamp to the strake right along the edge. Later when you bevel you sacrifice a little of the strake.    So how did you make out with your offset approach?  I might run this by the tech help folks  





RE: Gluing sheer clamps on Mill Creek 16.5

you typicall glue the sheer clamp 1/4 inch proud of side panel so that you can plane it to the shape of the curved deck without taking a lot off of your side panels.  

the problem you will have if you align them (not glue them proud) is that you will no longer have a reference point for when you have gone too far as you will plane through both the front and back side of the side panels to get the angle you need.

when you do a 1/4 inch proud, you only plane into the outer surface of the side panels...not the inner side.

while you are at this stage, the other thought i would share with you (and is not in the manual) is, if you have a router, to take a 3/4 inch half round bit and round over the inside edge of the sheer clamp that faces down into the hull.  avoiding hard 90 degree edges makes it look nicer and easier to finish and less likely to snag something on.



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