Mill Creek 16.5 ------ Workbench?

Hi guys

After looking at a few builders pictures and watching the videos, is a fully formed -  completely rigid and straight - 18 foot bench required for the build? 

It seems to me that the initial steps are gluing the sides and bottom legnths together and then stitching - after that the projects seem to spend all thier time in workhorse slings etc.

Is it possible to do the initial steps working on the ground or maybe on a flatboard on the ground?  I really do not want to purchase two 8 foot benches and I really dont have the space to keep them long term.

What has everyone else used or done?

Regards Duncan


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RE: Mill Creek 16.5 ------ Workbench?

Needs must. For my Shearwater 17 I’m getting by with a kitchen table in the middle and a speaker stand either end...

RE: Mill Creek 16.5 ------ Workbench?


   I used two Ikea horses someone left on the street. Made quikie carpeted cradles on top of the horses for the boat to rest in. CLC website, under "tips for boat builders" has plans for some smple horses you can slap together. 

I have an 8' bench in my basement, but it is mostly covered in stuff. I did panel assembly... all on the basement floor. I did open up the boxes the kit arrived in on the floor to catch errent epoxy drips.

Making the horses at height you like to work at can be good for you back. 



RE: Mill Creek 16.5 ------ Workbench?

Thanks for the help guys

I have a better idea of what I need - no need for new benches - I will build a few saw horses.


RE: Mill Creek 16.5 ------ Workbench?

I'm doing a MC 13 on a ten ft table on two folding plastic sawhorses 35$ wood 3/8 ply and 2 by 4s 25$   Misc stands made of scrap for different parts of the build. See on floor. You can probably get by with the same and a temporary extension like a card table on one end for certain parts of the build. Really only needed that for gluing the shear clamps. Perfectly comfortable. When I'm done the horses fold up and the wood can lean against a wall or go in the firepit. 
I almost built the 16.5 but my garage is only 19 would have been a nightmare to work around on cold days with the door shut. That and the nickname The Divorce Maker.

Btw don't discard the deck radius templates  you can use later on to form two stands for after your deck is on  see pic

Good luck, PP

RE: Mill Creek 16.5 ------ Workbench?

   Thanks - I will copy your set up as my work area is about the same.....

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