Push/pull tiller lock


So, thinking of small winter projects, and one is trying to come up with a tiller lock/"tiller tamer" for the skerry's push/pull tiller.  I have a shock cord leash on it to keep from losing it overboard when I let go but that doesn't keep the rudder centered for those short periods when I need 2 hands.  I've had homemade and bought tiller pilots and locks on my other, conventionally tiller equipped boats but haven't quite figured a clean way to do it w/ this one.

I thought I recalled a thread in the forum some time ago but can't find it.

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RE: Push/pull tiller lock

   i use one of these clamps ,screwed with on of the oarlockscresws to clamp the tiller. https://duckworks.com/seadog-rubber-pole-storage-clips/


RE: Push/pull tiller lock


the below article provides some good ideas on the Norwegian tiller. The picture is a prototype I made for my southwester; I have a piece of mahogany for the finished part. So far it works great in light air (and rowing) using just a piece of leather and shock cord to provide resistance to keep tiller in place. I really like the freedom this provides to grab a drink, adjust the rigging or fiddle with the phone. The other shock cord in the picture is the tiller tether.  It is much better attached to the center of the boat rather than the gunwale.  I have not tried it yet with the outboard but I had the outboard in the well when I designed the piece so I'm sure it fits. 


RE: Push/pull tiller lock


here' s the link to the picture.  

RE: Push/pull tiller lock

   Just took my skerry out for her first sail. it was brilliant, but having the middle child take the helm when I needed to address something forward will drive me insane! for sure going to look at making one of these.

I have spacered inwales, I was thinking of taking a strap of leather, tacking it on the inwall, and then running a line from the spacered part around to a cleat.

Has anyone tried this before?

P.S. I also have a "Samurai" wrapped handle that provides a good grip. I am only a little worried about it's ability to hold.

RE: Push/pull tiller lock

Here is a very simple tiller tamer solution: attach a narrow rubber bung on the bottom ot the forward end of the tiller.  Mine is square, making this simple.  Insert the bung into the aft starboard oar lock mount. Works well for those brief moments you need two hands to tend to things other than steering.  I'm also experimenting with a tamer to keep the tiller extension on board and not be occasionally lost over the side.  This entails installing pad eyes on both inwales just aft of the aft rib.  Add a pad eye or fair lead located on top of the tiller extension on a line between the inwale pad eyes.  Run a piece of small line between the inwales and through the tiller fairlead.  Adjust the length of this line to just short enough that the tiller cannot go outside of the hull but long enough to allow full play in the tiller extension.  Use a slip knot in each end until you find this happy medium.  I didn't and nearly swamped in a puff.

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