Dinghy Cradle

I need to build a dinghy cradle for storing my CLC Ultralight on the cain deck of my trawler.  I have ideas for the design but I though I would post the topic here for any who has done this or has original ideas to give comments.

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RE: Dinghy Cradle

   Here's what I did (dinghy say on aft deck roof): I took two pieces of leftover R10 foam and whittled away at them until they fit the shape of the hull, one fore and one aft.  I then used those as templates to cut out appropriate sized pieces of big box store lumber.  Coated in epoxy. Through bolted (drill-fill-drill with butyl tape) onto roof.  "Caulked" where the wood met fiberglass with thickened epoxy, then painted the brackets.

RE: Dinghy Cradle

   Sorry, I mixing up two differents projects.  Lag screws from the underside of the cabin roof, through the fiberglass into bottom of the wood cradle brackets.  Not thru bolts.

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