Mizzen on a Skerry?

Just wondering if anyone's tried it and what their results were, or any thoughts on same.  Thanks

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RE: Mizzen on a Skerry?

I developed a strong appreciation for split rigs during the 17 years that I owned a Nimble Arctic yawl.  When I decided to go small, I decided that I wanted another split rig and ended up selecting the yawl version of the Goat Island Skiff for my build.

Addition of the mizzen added cost, time, complexity, and weight to the build.  For me, it was a good trade because the mizzen holds the boat nicely head to wind while raising, lowering, and/or reefing the main.  It also looks cool.

No doubt that a mizzen could be added to a Skerry, but it would be a significant modification.  Obviously, you would need to design a mounting system (mast step and partner) for the mizzen mast.  The clew of the mizzen would extend aft of the stern, so you would need to add a boomkin to sheet the mizzen to.  You would need to make sure that neither the mizzen mast nor boomkin would interefer with movement of the tiller/rudder.  Lastly, you would need to move the main mast forward to keep the boat balanced.  If you add a mizzen without moving the main forward, the aerodynamic center of the boat will be moved aft, and the boat will develop strong weather helm as the wind increases.  On the GIS, the main mast location of the yawl version is about 1’ forward of compared to the standard single masted boat.

I submit that an amateur builder could make the changes above, but there is a good chance of screwing it up.  For my money, I would never risk screwing up a great sailing boat like the Skerry when there are so many good oar and sail boats of similar size that are already designed as yawls.


RE: Mizzen on a Skerry?

   I am almost done building my Skerry Raid which John Harris modified for me to include a mizzen mast. My Raid has both forward and stern bulkheads raised to chine level and the two masts mount on them. The skeg has been modified to support the mizzen center of balance. John may be able to provide you with the Raid with the mizzen sketch. The mizzen Skerry does not requires a boomkin but still requires all the blocks and lines of the main mast. I have no photo post so if you will allow me to use your email I will send me photos of my Mizzen Raid. [email protected] y Raid (wich

RE: Mizzen on a Skerry?

   I Will Send you not me photos. I really dislike having to enter text in the stupid little box this forum makes me use when on my smart phone. Can't see mistakes easily.

RE: Mizzen on a Skerry?

   Good ideas - Thanks!

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