Looks like BLBF is back!

Big Little Boat Festival (clcboats.com)

Maybe I will have the decked spindrift done by then.

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RE: Looks like BLBF is back!

Nice work there Mark!

(Entirely off-topic but I have to ask: anybody have an opinion as to why, when I first view a post with an image included, often the image displays at a HUGE scale so that I can view only a vertical 'slice' ?

If I then quit the forum and restart my browser-of-choice (desn't matter which browser either, or whether I'm using my iPhone or my MacBook Pro) to return to that just-viewed post, that image appears in full but at a smaller scale?

I don't see that happen on any other forum I look in on.) 

RE: Looks like BLBF is back!


The fact it's universal on display but limited to this website idicates that it's a server-side thing. I don't feel like digging into the javscript that does the actual display so I'll leave that to you.

It's also affected by your cookies and cache. It seems that the first time the image is displayed there's no guidance for the browser as to the actual size but once the image data is saved in a cookie or something it gets displayed correctly the next time.

It's also browser version-specific. My older browsers do exactly what you describe. Newer ones give a quick flash of the large image and then fix it and the latest Chrome just shows it conveniently-sized the first time.

The easiest way to avoid the problem is if the person posting the image simply sets the width to 500 or less (I'm looking at you, Mark). Then if someone wants to see the full image they can right-click and select "view image" to get the full size. Alternatively they can left-click and view the image at a larger size in a pop-up.


I'm envying you your palm trees and weather. If you get that boat done it should zoom through the races.


Since it's an abbreviated BLBF, shouldn't the name be something like Medium Little Boat Festival? Short Little Boat Festival? Not-so-Big Little boat Festival? etc.



RE: Looks like BLBF is back!

   Or, if you click, tap, gesture on the image it will be displayed in full. Sort of the opposite of embiggen.

RE: Looks like BLBF is back!

Thanks for the back-end details Laszlo, your explanation sounds correct. I just noticed that, until I log in here, when I first bring up this thread that image doesn't display correctly but once I have it's affected by whatever crumbs have been left behind from my last visit.

Annoying, but at least it's correctable.

Here's to the success of this year's BLFB! Would that I could make the trek; I'd love to meet some of the forumites who visit here FtF someday.


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