Keel strips and refinish

 Hi All, After 10 years I've decided to finally refinish my small fleet. I'm also planning on installing bow and stern rubstrips on my 17lt and kids' wood duckling. For those with experience with this sort of thing does it make more sense to install the rubstrips and then refinish or vice versa. My instinct says install the rubstrips first and then carefully tape-off and varnish around them. Just wondering if I'm missing something. Also curious if anyone knows if the dynel rubstrip kit with graphite is enough for the duckling, 17lt, and kaholo 12.6. Methinks not but not sure how far the graphite stretches. Thanks!

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RE: Keel strips and refinish

Hi Patrick, 

i agree with your instinct and i have always done the rubstrips and then refinshed afterwards.  its a little bit challenging to get a clean line with dynel so i also keep a bit of flat-black rustoleum and actually paint a perfect line around/ontop of my rubstrips as a last step after i have done paint/varnish.... so 1) install strips, 2) hull paint/varnish up to the edges of the rubstrip 3) flat black rustoleum on top of rubstrip/perfect line ontop of paint if i feel i need this step.  picture below (after step 3) shows the nice clean look it gives.

on your second question, if you are doing a fleet i would not buy the rubstrip kits.  i bought one yard of dynel (55 inches wide) from jamestown distributors and small container of graphite and have used it on 5 boats already and have plenty left.   a bit more expensive than one kit....but cheap for a fleet.

hope that was helpful.


RE: Keel strips and refinish

   Thanks H! I really appreciate your response. It's very helpful and the black paint isn't something I'd thought of but really like the idea of a crisp line. Many thanks from Colorado!

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