Another rub strip question

 Yesterday's epoxy job to glue on kewl rubstrips went well. I'm a little unclear as to whether or not to somehow cut through the dynel following the nearly invisible straight line of the tape I used to mask off the work area. Instructions say "use a razor knife to trim carefully along the edge of the masking tape." Would that be the tape that's still exposed or the tape that's now buried beneath the dry dynel? I want to go through the dynel so I'm able to remove all the tape. Seems like any remaining tape compromises the bond.

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RE: Another rub strip question

   That would be keel not kewl.

RE: Another rub strip question

I can't fathom why you'd want to leave tape underneath a reinforcing fabric and/or epoxy laid down to further your build.

My take is: the instruction tells you to trim just along the edge of masking tape, cutting through (in your case) the Dynel cloth that's overlapping onto the tape you put down to prevent its bonding to areas outside where you want it.

Taping off a work area is a common practice. No tape should be left under whatever's applied to that work area. Cutting along the tape edge keeps the stuff you want where you want it while separating it from the stuff you'll be removing along with the tape underneath.

RE: Another rub strip question

   Thanks for your response. With a new blade in the box cutter I made short work cutting through the dynel and was able to remove all the tape below. It's looking good!

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