mill creek 16.5 coaming rim

I've just finished trimming the decks flush with the sheer panels and the carlins. Followed by a round with "peanut butter" to fill in some slight boo - boos. Tomorrow's plan, after the peanut butter cures, is to sand the decks and glue on the onlays (dolphins). The next day I plan to glass the decks. After that will come coaming installation and hence my question. The plans show the 1/4" x 3/8" coaming rim glued to the outer side of the coaming flush with the top of the coaming. Is that the correct way to install the rims? The book is somewhat terse, just says to glue the coaming rims on, no further detail. Seems simple enough, just don't want to overlook anything. BTW I started out to trim the inside edges of the deck and make them flush with the carlins and the aft bulkhead using hand tools. After the first hour or so I worked up my nerve and broke out my trim router and a flush trimming bit - finished the trimming in about 5 minutes, then spent another 5 minutes with a "four in hand" rasp to square the corners and a shop vac to get all the sawdust up. Another fifteen minutes or so to hand fit the nose block in the forward corner where the carlins meet at the deck beam. And now I have a near perfect flat surface all the way around where the coaming will be glued on. I did trim the outer edges of the decks with hand tools, just too scary to use the trim router for that step - maybe on the next boat (if there is one).

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RE: mill creek 16.5 coaming rim

   Yes there's a post here I can't find where John describes it like the rim of a pot.

Confused me too. Another note on coamings although mine is MC 13 so may not be the same but it was necessary to plane the Carlins to keep the coamings from cantering outboard. They should mount almost straight up. If you look at pics here of MCs you'll seen some variations. Also a post here on that also if you search.

BTW I'd put them on at the very end of the build if you have other work in the cockpit they can be a pain to work over. Jmo fwiw 

Good luck, PP

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