Shipping a kayak

I have a Chesapeake 17 I'd like to ship to my son in Massachusetts from MIchigan; about 800 miles. Has anyone had experience in doing this?

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RE: Shipping a kayak

   This was recently discussed at great length. I just can't remember where.  It seems that finding a boat transport company that was shipping and would include your kayak was the least expensive.  The other option was expensive and likely included "packing and cracking. "  


Besides that I once dated a woman in St Louis while I was living in Florida. It was 1100 miles one way and seems like it took 13 hours.  But you only have 800 miles. Drive it there? 

RE: Shipping a kayak

   I still don't remember where the discussion was but a poster from another forum suggests a site on Facebook.....

RE: Shipping a kayak

   U-ship is a good starting point. As Grumpy stated they have options to include it in with other shipments so the cost is reduced. Most economical would probably be to drive it yourself though. Worse comes to worse meet halfway.

RE: Shipping a kayak

I'll second (third?) the motion on U-Ship.  Used 'em once a few years back to find a shipper for a new centerboard for our Menger 19 catboat (long, sad tale, but it ended well) from Long Island to Ohio.  Originator had it well packed, and I had it shipped directly to the folks who were to install it.  Anyway, the U-Ship saved me having to research a bunch of shippers myself, because I was pretty much like Prissy in Gone with the Wind: "Oh, Miss Scahlet--I don't know nuthin' 'bout shippin' no centerboards!"


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