Peadpod - Shaping the Outwales

After much bending and clamping the outwales are on and it will soon be time to think about shaping them at the bow and stern.  There is not much detail in the Peapod manual - the SW Dory manual suggests triming about a third of the outwale width in a taper over about  30 inches along the side, fairing into a circular radius around the stem. However the shape of the dory bow is more finely pointed and the Peapod may favour something more blunt at the ends.  It also occurs to me that cutting across the glued join between the inner and outer outwales at a shallow angle may create a point of weakness (there is a lot of tension in the bent wood). 

I will be sketching and thinking to find something that looks about right (measure/think twice cut once!) but I wondered whether anyone out there might have some suggestions or experience to share.


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