Hello from Saratoga Springs, UT

Hey Everyone,

My name is Jon and I live in Saratoga Springs, Utah. I just took the plunge on something I've been dreaming of doing for years and years. I just purchased the passagemaker takeapart kit with sailing components. Super stoked to get started and to start diving through this forum and see what other tips and advice I can learn. I'm sure I'll have several questions throughout this process, so super happy that there's a builder's forum available!

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RE: Hello from Saratoga Springs, UT

Welcome, Jonny!  PMD take apart is a wonderful boat, as I have often opined in this forum.  Our own experience (it was an extended family building project in my garage) was that, with a CLC kit like this, a patient, steady approach to working your way through it will likely produce a wonderful family treasure out of the piles of plywood.  Even a duffer like me (they only look like fingers--they are, in fact, spare thumbs) can do it.

Be sure to enjoy the fun of the building as you go along, anticipating the consumate fun of messing about in one of these fine little boats!


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