MC 16.5 painted decals

 im just beginning to stitch my first build, so im kind of far away from this step, but i have big plans to add some noveau style water nymphs and irises on my mill creek, but using neautral tones and red to purple shades over a bright finish with a brown black for linework. id ideally freehand this on the boat, but i could draw then have it printed on rice paper like i have read some stuff of on thr internet. i really need to know at what stage do i add the special effects in the steps to varnishing and glassing, and what kind of paints should i use for maximum colorfastness?

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RE: MC 16.5 painted decals

Rice paper decoupage works best before glassing. That way the art is protected by the glass, epoxy and varnish.

Painted artwork is done after glass and epoxy. Whether it's done before or after the varnish depends on the products and their compatibility. For example. if both the paint and varnish are petroleum-based, the order doesn't really matter. Either will successfully go on top of the other. The only question becomes the visual appearance and the best way to answer that is to try it both ways on a piece of scrap.

Water-reduced paints won't work as well on top of oil-based varnish as the other way around, so in that case paint first, then varnish. Just be aware that any drips may stain the wood and need to be sanded out before the varnish is applied.

Again, the best thing is to try it all out on scrap wood before doing the boat.

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