Mill Creek 16.5 - install forward footrests and bulkhead deck plate

My MC 16.5 is nearly ready to launch, lacking only installation of the forward footrests and the deck plate I'm putting in the forward bulkhead. The deckplate in the rear bulkhead is installed, as are the rear footrests. Should anyone else be building one of these my recommendation would be to install the forward footrests and the deckplate in the forward bulkhead  before installing the decks - it would have made life much easier if I had done this.  As it is now, I'm going to have to crawl inside the cockpit to reach the forward bulkhead and install the deck plate and to line up the screws for the footrests while a helper gets them well started from outside the boat. Just a heads up. If you are putting in the optional deck hatches that might make access easier for installing these two items.  Other than that I plan to launch next week - will post a pic or two when I get time - and figure out how to do it - 

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