Discoloration of sapele deck after plywood-on-plywood storage

I feel like I've seen this discussed elsewhere, but I've had a hard time finding it on the forum.  Apologies if redundant.

At some point I rearranged my Wood Duckling 8 parts in such a way that parts made of okoume and sapele were resting on top of the sapele deck parts for days at a time (in my garage).  After separating said parts, I was dismayed to see that the sapele deck had evidently turned significantly lighter where the other parts had been.  I guess it's also possible that it got darker wherever the sapele was exposed to air above / plastic below, but this seems unlikely.  I assumed that this had something to do with water content and/or oxidation and have been patiently waiting for the sapele deck parts to transform back to a uniform color.  It's been days, though, and the discoloration persists.

What (if anything) can/should I do?

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RE: Discoloration of sapele deck after plywood-on-plywood storage

I had exactly the same thing happen with my WD12. You can see it on the right foreground of the sapele deck. In my case it was light bleaching the wood. The dark areas were shadowed and the lighter areas were exposed to ambient light in my garage - a combination of fluorescent  bulbs and sunlight coming in through curtained windows.

Not to despair. The wood darkened up to a uniform shade once the first coat of epoxy was applied.



RE: Discoloration of sapele deck after plywood-on-plywood storage


That's interesting.  Yours was bleached where it was exposed, but mine was bleached (or at least lighter) where it was covered by other plywood pieces (I can clearly see a light ring where another part was resting).  Eithe way, it's good to hear that it disappeared when you added epoxy!  Maybe I'll try to make the same thing happen on a piece of scrap sapele that shipped with the kit and confirm that I can make it disappear with epoxy.

Seating the SeaLect oval hatch

   I was planning to install the SeaLect 17x10 hatch on the rear deck of my Wood Duck 12 Hybrid.  As intended, that area has a slight radius. However, the ploycarbonate frame of the hatch does not want to bend to conform with the radius. The amount of pressure I'd need to apply would likely crack the stripping. I contacted CLC tech about this, and they reported that no one has mentioned this issue as a concern before. They also said that some one reported heating the frame to bend it. What have others encountered around this installation? My back up is to go with the deck cut-out as per the kit. Thanks for any help. Good luck with all your projects!

RE: Discoloration of sapele deck after plywood-on-plywood storage


You've posted your question as a reply in a thread concerned with wood discoloration so the hatch mounting experts may not see it unless they also care about wood discoloration.

You should post it again in a brand new thread with an appropriate title that will attract the people who know the answer to your question. You can do that by returning to the main forum page and clicking on the "Post Message" button there.



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